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Parenthood.   It’s a journey - not a destination

Mummy-hood has been a tremendous experience for me. If you’re anything like I am, you’re still waiting on your ‘How to manual’ to come in the mail...Follow my journey, read my blog, advice and product reviews and hopefully it will make your parenting experience that much easier and with any luck, a little...
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Blissful Mummy Pick of for June:
Love Your Heart (My little Girl), Tim McGraw

One Love, Cedella Marley

Juk’s Adventures, Meng Lin Chen

 First Time Sleepover, Child’s Play
Tip of the week: 
When you feel yourself about to lose control of your temper with your kids - take a deep breath and ask yourself - is this going to be the topic of discussion in a therapy session later on in their lives!
Song of the week
Taio Cruz

My daughter’s new favorite song!
Check out his music

Have some dance time with your 
little ones today!

Party On!
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