Baby Reach - Now what?

Congratulations you’re a Mummy!

Welcome to the club!!!

You’ve had your baby, and you have the birth story and a soar undercarriage to prove it.

‘Having a baby changes everything’ says Pampers, but they are definitely on track with that one. Having a baby changes your daily routine, teaches you to put the needs of someone else above your own and turns on emotions you’ve never had before.

Coming Home with Baby

  1. Make sure you have your car seat properly installed facing backwards into your backseat - either left or right side, not the middle.

  2. Make sure you have approximately 10 diapers per day for your little bundle. Over time it’ll decrease significantly, but at the beginning you’ll be changing quite a bit.

  3. Nursing Pads - Very important to have the right ones, and keep them handy. During the first few days after giving birth your body will start to produce Colostrum, a goldy looking fluid that is rich in vitamins, minerals and everything thats essential in developing your little one’s immune system. It’s very important to make sure you baby enjoys all of this. Once your body has given your baby all of that gold goodness, your milk will start to come in. Once your milk arrives you’ll find your self leaking when the baby cries (your body’s auto response to be able to provide for your baby) or whenever you have a let down of your milk supply. I used Lansinoh nursing pads. They are very thin and aren’t obvious through clothing. They have some sort of dry gel within it that once wet it absorbs the milk into a gel that doesn’t get puffy like other brands and then becomes very obvious

  4. Overnight protection - even during the day. In the first few days your body will be flushing everything out of you, or at least thats what it will feel like - so make sure you have some good maxi pads around. I’ve been an ALWAYS girl from as far back as I remember, I used their night time protection (2 of them back to back) at night for the first two weeks or so (just until I was healed).

Post Pardum Depression

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is the easiest and most cost effective way to feed your baby - once you get it . I had a very hard time at he beginning and I did everything from cry during each feeding to ripping my nipple and bleeding!! It was horrible (and yes quite graphic - sorry!) But it’s reality.

I went through every emotion thinking I was a bad mother for not instinctively knowing how to breast feed and make it worse, call me naive, I always thought well endowed = great breast feeder. Well, that’s just not the case.

I really beat myself up, I had people telling to me give it up and it wasn’t worth it and I had others telling me that I had to give it everything I had because it would enhance my overall mother experience exponentially! Unfortunately I’m stubborn as a mule so once I get my mind set on something that’s it. I knew once I figured it out it would all be worth it - and thankfully for my sanity and my baby, I was right!!

I found an amazing lactation consultant and she helped me by teaching me to understand the basics - positions, breaking the suction, single or both breast feeding, you name it. I’ll go into each later on but if you find yourself having any issues please save your sanity and plenty of tears and find a lactation consultant in your area. Please click here for an international listing for La Leche League International.

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